• Even an old guy can't resist a perfect photo bomb! http://t.co/CXCPlVdCUD
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  • My bride looked beautiful tonight! http://t.co/cjJT7g25QX
    about 3 hours ago
  • Welcome to the family, Janice! You are a beautiful bride. http://t.co/r5qDWmzvqd
    about 7 hours ago
  • Ledger-Enquire, Friday, October 24, 2014 http://t.co/IGux76xY07
    about 2 days ago
  • Thanks to RiverCenter for bringing this show to town last Saturday! I have never laughed so hard for two straight... http://t.co/ZDyON4oUnT
    about 6 days ago

Cruise Ship Freaks Provided Vacation Laughs

I’ve been sitting on this post for a few weeks until I could speak to Michael Holbrook, the owner of Columbus Travel Agency. I wanted to make sure that the things I was planning to say in this post about people who travel on cruise ships wasn’t going to cause him any grief. I finally [...] [...]

There’s a Hole in Daddy’s Arm

I’m in the infusion suite at the John B. Amos Cancer Center. Sirius Deep Tracks channel coming through my headphones, needle in my arm pumping fluids in advance of tomorrow’s MRI with contrast. I’m in my favorite spot in the southeastern corner of the room. I guess it is my writing spot, because when I’m [...] [...]